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Putting It Togeter!

While thinking about leaders and movements, I always wondered since my childhood that why those people who made a great impression on me from history lessons, failed to make a mark on the people of their time compared to others.
I used to compare Netaji with Gandhi (Original ie: MK); L.B. Shastriji / Sardar Patel with Nehru etc. I was also confused on why someone with so great thoughts, stature and actions couldn't catch as many followers as some others.

It took me years to find out the reasons on why it is so. It occurred to me only when, I conducted a study on Socio-Psychology in various demographies and locations in Maharashtra.

One, of the interesting facts was how convenience of the individuals participating in a social activity plays the greatest role in the concerned movement.

It was highlighted again and again throughout the annals of the human history. But, as it goes with the saying "If it is so big, or so simple, it can't be true!"
That's why we might have overlooked it or couldn't see it.

A few leaders used this fact knowingly or unknowingly to gather support from participants / followers through simple actions.
In modern days this could be signing an on-line petition, clicking for a "like", scraps, retweets, sending viral mails etc.

Okay... I can read through this piece of article through your mind and understand the question, "Where is this going? [& Are we there yet? ;)]"

As a social animal we genetically have the sense to follow conventions, rules and etiquette. So, we have the sense of responsibility.
At the same time, we can not be angels or daemons all of the time. We keep on delving through states, which makes us human.

As the life styles changed and we got kept pressing with new found specializations and frustrations, it became more and more hard for us to do any remarkable act for own society / community.

But our social instinct forced us to be a "Law abiding Citizen" and we hardly break any rules, we don't jump off the signals, we don't get into fights for no reasons etc.
Thats the way we express our "social need" to help society.

"Where is this going? (& Are we there yet?)"

And here enters the Simple Social Responsibility activities.

Thats where we get the chance to do a simple act and expect bigger and better changes.
I was able to quickly pick up a few books and donate. Voilà, at least a few students will get a 'chance' to get a glimpse of information / knowledge.

I may do a simple act of car pooling. Everyone knows that it helps us in so many ways; but it won't get any 'bigger and better' unless we all do!

Calling all to get into simple acts of helping each other.

There will be many more calls for various activities from anywhere like govt schemes, NGOs etc.
If we start contributing in whatever way we can, the world is going to get better everyday.
Remember that mythological story of squirrel helping build RamSetu?

 Putting simple acts together for bigger and better!